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Homaasai is a portrait series of a Maasai tribe in Southern Kenya. Each portrait opens a doorleading to a parallel dimension where timeless aesthetic sensibilities intertwine with acultural heritage. The photographies from the Homaasai series are done in completedarkness inside the sitters’ homes, their most intimate space.Without electricity, these interior domestic spaces are enveloped by darkness. Therefore, it takesa couple of minutes for the eye to adapt to the dimly lit environment. The only natural light in thespace shines through small cavities in the walls of Homaasai homes. Since very few rays of lightmake their way inside, the light painting portraits acquire a strong meaning and becomeincreasingly significant. I grant an experience to everyone to be defined by the unique featuresand postures of the indigenous people. Through the images from the Homaasai series, I invitethe viewer to take a step into a limbo of time and understand the solemnity of the tribe.