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The Land of Ice and Fire

(Iceland), 2018

In the land of ice and fire, nature’s gift to us is the deep connection to it’s beauty and mystery. Iceland is a land of rugged wilderness of volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers that feels as if it’s still locked in prehistory. In this body of work I construct a world similar enough to appear familiar, yet obviously an interpretation of the physical reality that surrounds us.

Using long exposures, resulting in crisp, seductive images. Where details of nature commingle with perceptual angles to give a novel viewpoint on the interrelationship between geography and art.

With these images I encourage the viewers to see the natural world with fresh eyes. Geographic formations take on artistic qualities, creating enticing and provocative imagery. I am driven by my curiosity, sense of adventure and desire to explore unknown corners of the world. I was a traveler long before I was a photographer. Discovering the world has been a life long personal journey of soul-searching and self-discovery. Recording what I see has given me an increased empathy and connection to the world.