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“The Land of Ice and Fire”

In the land of ice and fire, nature bestows upon us a precious gift: The deep connection betweenmankind and the mysterious beauty of the Cosmos. As if locked in prehistory, Iceland proudlydisplays a primitive landscape characterized by rugged wilderness, active volcanoes, waterfallsand glaciers.Through the oeuvres in this catalogue, I have constructed a fantasy world. While my visionclosely resembles the physical world around us, it clearly presents itself as an interpretation ofreality. During my shooting, I have adopted the long exposure technique, delivering crisp andseductive images. My photographs provide a meeting point where details of nature mingle withperceptual angles, unveiling a novel viewpoint on the relationship between geography and art.Through my pictures, I encourage the viewers to observe the natural world with a newperspective. Geological formations take on artistic qualities, creating an enticing and provocativeimagery.Driven by my curiosity and adventurous spirit, I desire to explore unknown corners of the world.Since I became a traveler long before I began my career as a photographer, I believe thatdiscovering the world is a deeply personal journey. From this life-long voyage, I search my soulfor self-discovery and fulfillment. Recording what I have seen has enabled me to profoundlyempathize with the world and connect with those around me.