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Snowman Trek

“Within the Land of the Thunder Dragon”

In a remote kingdom hidden in the Himalayas in the land of the thunder dragon, there is a trailsaid to be considered the most beautiful and challenging trail on Earth, The Snowman Trek.I was forty-three, at a turning point in life, and figured the best way to go at a crossroad, was up.Twenty-one days, 130 miles, seven mountain passes, time loss villages, hidden valleys and enough stories about the Yeti better known as the Abominable Snowman, challenge me on every level.Against a backdrop of Buddhist monasteries and soaring mountains, I ventured beyond the mapped world to visit hidden villages and sacred valleys. In the process, I tested the limits of physical endurance, met a fascinating assortment of characters, and discovered truths about faith, hope, and the shrouded secrets of happiness.Knowledge lies underneath the millions of years that has pass across our planet; layers of activity, experience, and wisdom. The narrative of this project delivers an engaging look at Bhutan and my personal connection and contemplation with those hidden treasures the mountains revealed tome, for it seemed to represent all the loose ends in my life.Recognizing my past is my door to look deep down into the antique messages hidden in the ancient wisdom of our planet. In this project, I bring the photographs to a timeless ground using different photographic techniques.